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  littlelite 12:17 23 Feb 2006

hi can anyone help me its doing my head in lol ,,, is it possible somehow ? to be able to use my laptop when im away and my son to use the comp at home off the same provider ? be grateful for any help thankyou ,, sue

  wjrt 15:55 23 Feb 2006

do not think that this is possible as your connection is linked to your home telephone line

  rmcqua 16:01 23 Feb 2006

Yes, it's possible. Just access your ISP on your laptop when away using your username and password that you would normally use at home.

  littlelite 19:58 23 Feb 2006

well thankyou rmcqua for ya help will let ya know if it works , ty wjrt i hope it is possible ,,,,,

  woodchip 21:14 23 Feb 2006

You cannot connect to your ISP, only to get E-Mails. You still need a hot spot to connect if you are wireless

  David4637 13:45 24 Feb 2006

You can not connect when your away because your connection is linked to your home telephone number (ISP uses Calling Line Identity). David

  rmcqua 14:14 24 Feb 2006

Yes, I thought (don't know why) the question was about e-mail. For general internet use, it won't work (unless, as woodchip says, you have a wireless card and can find a wireless "hotspot").

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