Laptop heat.... quick question

  Ryan.c 09:38 18 Jul 2006

Should laptops get so hot? mine heats up really fast and i cant haveit on my lap its that hot? any suggestions to keep it cool?

  Jackcoms 09:47 18 Jul 2006

Use it on a flat solid surface, NOT your soft lap or on the bed.

This will allow a flow of air under the laptop which is where the cooling vents are.

It will also allow hot air to 'escape' more easily through the vents.

  Taff™ 09:56 18 Jul 2006

And there`s this to consider click here

  Belatucadrus 09:57 18 Jul 2006

Problem with laptops now is that the main design features are power and slenderness. One jacks up the heat generated and the other pushes the ventilator fans into the base. This makes the use on irregular soft surfaces like a lap inadvisable as it knackers the air flow.
Cheapest option would be to put a piece of hardboard or plywood between you and it.
You could buy a laptop cooler click here , but remember the USB powered fans will play hell with the battery life.

  Ryan.c 10:10 18 Jul 2006

thanks for that, should sort it cheers!!

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