Laptop HD. Failure?

  SHUNNA 21:24 25 Jul 2005

My laptop is fitted with a Fujitsu MHT2060AT 60Gb hard drive which i think has probably failed. On a few occaisions recently the laptop has frozen, but has always worked again after a re-boot.
Today it froze again but on re-boot, only gets as far as the Windows Xp login page and no further. The drive can be heard making a fast clicking noise together with intermittent knocks, for want of a better description.
I have removed the drive and refitted it but it`s still the same, can anyone confirm that the drive has most likely failed before I lay out for a new one?


  woodchip 21:40 25 Jul 2005

Try getting into Windows in Safe Mode, keep pressing F8 as the computer boots up. If you can get in, double click "my computer" Right click on the C:\ drive\Properties Tools tab\check disc

  SHUNNA 21:50 25 Jul 2005

Hi Woodchip, when you switch on, the first page says windows was not shut down properly last time, or something like that, and gives you the choice of a few different starts including start up in safe mode. If you select anything other than normal start you just get a blank screen with the arrow.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:57 25 Jul 2005

select safe mode and double click "my computer" Right click on the C:\ drive\Properties Tools tab\check disc

  woodchip 22:00 25 Jul 2005

If you click safe mode you need to give it some time to get into windows

  SHUNNA 22:03 25 Jul 2005

Thanks Fruit Bat, that`s what woodchip suggested, unfortunately it wont start in safe mode.

  woodchip 22:07 25 Jul 2005

Hears another way round it, It may work. click Normal boot when you get the screen come up and hold the shift key down so it stops some drivers loading, until it boots into windows if at all

  SHUNNA 22:33 25 Jul 2005

Tried that twice woodchip. Windows loading page came up as usual followed by blank screen with egg-timer. nothing else appeared.
I have Roxio go -back loaded so thik I`ll give that a try.

  SHUNNA 23:58 25 Jul 2005

GoBack got as far as copying 14% of sectors before appearing to freeze. Forced to reboot which gave the warning that drive reversion had not completed and that if I chose to cancel revervsion fatal damage could be caused to files.
Selected cancel and deselected GoBack as instructed. Windows then loaded and I was able to log on and everything appears to work o.k, also no strange noises from Hard Drive!.
Carried out Check Disc o.k
The question remains, is this an intermittent drive break down, or maybe the problem was caused by GoBack?
Better make some back ups straight away!!

  woodchip 00:00 26 Jul 2005

No I think you have had problems with the MBR and although Go Back stoped working it fixed the MBR before it stoped. That Is why I said run Check Disc

  woodchip 00:03 26 Jul 2005

PS think of it this way MBR acts like a INDEX in a Library if it gets corrupt then it cannot find the Books or Files in your case and the clicking was the search arm working overtime looking. i.e It was confused

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