Laptop HD Error

  Slamdunka 22:14 06 Oct 2008

So the other day i started my acer aspire 5100 and it beeped real loud and then screen would not appear. My first thought was check the connection from the screen to the laptop, I did and the screen came on. Think it was fixed then i got this very loud beeping at the acer startup screen and i could not click anything i could not even get into the Help(f2 menu) menu. I mailed acer and they said that I could send it in but since im out of warranty it will cost 200bucks. Can anyone let me no what type of problem this is. For some reason i think it has to do with Hard drive. If anyone knows what going on please let me know. If you know a fix for it to that would be good.

  phono 22:29 06 Oct 2008

Can you access the BIOS? If so you should be able to see if the HD is being recognised by the laptop.

  Slamdunka 22:31 06 Oct 2008

No i can now accses anything almost... You know the splash screen well about half way through the loading a load beep goes off and the laptop freezes.

  woodchip 22:31 06 Oct 2008

try removing the hard drive then refit it. it may just work

  Slamdunka 22:36 06 Oct 2008

I did at least twice this is terrible i have no school laptop i mean cmon acer!!!

  Slamdunka 22:44 06 Oct 2008

Is there a way to make sure it is the hard drive by putting in a differant one?

  phono 22:55 06 Oct 2008

Have you tried switching the laptop on with the HD removed, it should still allow you to access the BIOS and if it does that would tend to point to the HD being defective.

  Slamdunka 23:00 06 Oct 2008

I still got the noise.

  phono 23:04 06 Oct 2008

That would suggest that the HD is not the problem.

How many beeps do you get? I.E. one long loud beep or one long and three short beeps and so on.

From a quick Google you could try the following and see what happens, but no guarantees.

Boot up while pressing F2 until you hear a beep. Press F9 until you hear a beep. Press <Enter> until you hear a beep. Press <ESC> 2 times. Press <Enter> 2 times. This should reset the bios. Good Luck.

  Slamdunka 23:09 06 Oct 2008

No luck

  phono 23:22 06 Oct 2008

The only other thing I can suggest at this time is to check if all RAM etc is seated properly.

With the laptop off, and power disconnected, turn it over and open any covers on the bottom and check everything is seated properly, but, beware of electrostatic discharge when doing this.

I did see a suggested remedy which involved turning off the power and removing the battery for a time but I think that would be clutching at straws.

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