Laptop/ Hard Drive problems - Please help!!

  southpaw 09:56 11 Oct 2007

Last night when I switched my laptop on there was no movement from the mouse so I rebooted.

However on startup the hard drive seems to fail to boot. All I get is the System Bios screen telling me Base Memory is 640Kb, Ext Memory 1047552Kb and Total Memory 1048576Kb.

And then it stays at this screen, it goes no further.

This morning I tried it again and it seemed to go a little further and actually showed the Windows XP load up logo but then froze.

Could anyone offer me any advice? Is it likely my Hard Drive has died?

Really hope you can help. Until yesterday I've had no problems will the laptop but typically its gone now.

Thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 13:23 11 Oct 2007

It is possible that your hard drive may be having problems of its own, but it is also quite possible that your problems could stem from your Power connection/supply. If you are using the laptop connected to the Mains, try it instead on its own battery - or vice-versa!

  southpaw 13:55 11 Oct 2007

Hi Technotiger

I have tried both. There is power to the laptop and DVD drive but the Hard drive isn't coming on?

I have tried both battery and mains.

Pressing F2 doesn't work either. Nothing seems to happen.

  DieSse 15:53 11 Oct 2007

Sometimes, sliding the hard drive out of it's connector and back in a few times will cure HDD problems on a laptop.

The connections seem prone to bad contacts.

  Technotiger 16:00 11 Oct 2007

I was gonna suggest same as DieSse - other than that, can you try the drive on another pc - maybe as a slave, at least if you can access it that way you may be able to save anything important.

  southpaw 17:00 11 Oct 2007

I will try this later when I get home although I'm doubtful this will work as I did try this last night but only pulled it out once and put it back and there seemed to be no difference.

  woodchip 17:31 11 Oct 2007

If you have any USB pluged in Remove them and retry booting. If that does not work Remove USB, Remove Laptop Battery switch the Mains plug off. Then press the start button for ten seconds. plug mains in and try restart

  southpaw 10:17 12 Oct 2007

There is no USB plugged in.

I will try the 10 second suggestion later when I get home.

Thanks for all the help so far.

  southpaw 16:49 14 Oct 2007

Hi Guys

An update.

I borrowed a friends laptop and swapped the hard drives over. My hard drive is fine.

It therefore looks like its something else?

Something isn't switching the harddrive on or loading up problem.

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