Laptop hard drive heating up.

  scubaseven 12:46 27 Feb 2009

Hi. My 2nd internal hard drive on a HP laptop is heating up and going "offline".
When I restart the laptop the hard drive is back online.
1: is this a really bad thing, leading to a complete failure?
2: should I replace the hard drive now before I lose any data?
3: will any 2.5 inch sata hard drive fit? It is a new HP dv9800 model.
4: its a 250GB HD, can I put in a 500GB?
cheers to all

  Graphicool1 12:55 27 Feb 2009

Back up all the data you want to keep from that drive. It's terminal. I've lost two drives to overheating, luckily all my work was backed up.

I now have 5 internal fans. 2 of them are between the two HDD's.

  Graphicool1 13:01 27 Feb 2009

No HDD is infalable, wether to overheating, wear and tear or malfunction. The key words to remember are not to put off backing up till tomorrow...

Call me paranoid if you like, but my work is as safe as it's ever likely to be. I have two two or three back up's to different media. Back up NOW!

  scubaseven 13:09 27 Feb 2009

all is backed up
just wondering about how long I may have and wether to just replace now.

  DieSse 13:20 27 Feb 2009

"...wether to just replace now."

Don't delay until out of warranty, for sure.

  Graphicool1 16:42 27 Feb 2009

"just wondering about how long I may have"

That's a question that no-one can give you an answer to. But if you're already experiencing side effects from it, I would hazzard a guess at any time soon. I can't get any nearer than that.

If - as you say - everything is backed up. The warranty hasn't expired and you can get a refund or an alternative drive for no extra cash. Then you're home and dry. Check with your supplier regarding size of drive etc.

All the best G1

  woodchip 16:44 27 Feb 2009

Check Power Settings in Control Panel to see that Hard Drive is set to never Turn OFF

  scubaseven 08:47 28 Feb 2009

I am offloading the stuff off the hard drive.
I have ordered a new one.
But now it is down to 30% capacity it seems ok.
Strange to me. will replace anyways.

  scubaseven 13:15 28 Feb 2009

its gone methinks

  wildhouse 18:19 05 May 2009

Hi - have just seen this post whilst searching for info on an overheating hard drive. I have a desktop which starts at 70 and is going up to 100 degrees. I know I need to replace my hard drive but want to back everything up (have saved My documents and emails). I want to run a backup but this takes a couple of hours and the computer heats up within about 40 minutes. Bearing this in mind, is it worth trying to back up?

  woodchip 19:04 05 May 2009

you can by drive coolers that fit in a bay under or over the drive

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