Laptop Hard drive

  Shutt1e 16:31 11 Aug 2006

My laptops hard drive is split in two and i was wondering once one is full up ill it automatically start using theother half thx

  FelixTCat 16:45 11 Aug 2006


I doubt it. Do you mean that the hard drive is partitioned into 2 logical drives, e.g. C: and D:?



  wee eddie 16:48 11 Aug 2006

What type of laptop is it and what is it's specification?

What OS and Software do you regularly use?

I assume that you mean that it has 2 Partitions. What are their Drive letters?

  Shutt1e 17:29 11 Aug 2006

yer its partioned into two c: and d: i use xp home i have an acer 4063lmi does that help

  woodchip 17:39 11 Aug 2006

In a word,NO

  FelixTCat 18:05 11 Aug 2006


Partitioning your disk into 2, C: and D: is effectively the same as having 2 separate disks; there is no mechanism for data to overflow from one to another.

Many people partition their disks to have, say, the operating system and programs on one and their data on the other - it makes it easier to separate and back up the data.

You can manually move data from one partition to the other, particularly if it is free-standing - downloaded music, movies or whatever.

Data related to programs, e.g. wordprocessor documents, can also be moved as the program's options can be changed to point at the new data location.

One thing you might like to do is to see what is using up all the space; often it is the Temp file, which can be emptied easily. There are a number of programs that show you disk usage; one I like is click here

If you install this, you can right-click on any drive or folder and it will show you the size of every folder and sub-folder.

The other big space user is the Recycle Bin; files in this take up their original disk space - they are not removed from the disk until the Bin is emptied.

Hope this helps.



  Shutt1e 19:55 11 Aug 2006

ok thx

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