Laptop Hard disk and RAM

  hstudent 13:08 25 Jun 2008

I've recently replaced an laptop that had completly stopped working.

I had hoped to take the RAM out of my old laptop and put it in to my new one. However, the old RAM is DDR and my new laptop takes DDR2. It seems the slot on the DDR at the top is in the wrong place by a couple of mm, so it can't be put in to DDR2 drive. Is this correct?

Also there's a few things on my old laptop (on XP)that I haven't got backups of. Would it be possible to retrieve those files? My new laptop (on Vista) only has one hard disk space, which has the hard disk for the C: drive in it.

  dms_05 13:35 25 Jun 2008

DDR and DDR2 are not compatible and that's why the slots are different.

I think you now see why people say 'regular backups' are mandatory! I keep all my data on an external USB hard drive and a backup on the main C: drive. That seems to keep me covered in case one or other fail.

  hstudent 13:40 25 Jun 2008

I do have a backup but it's three weeks old. It took a lot of time and 3 CDs to keep up my old laptop backed up though.

  Ditch999 13:59 25 Jun 2008

You could buy a 2.5" USB external enclosure and use the old laptops HDD as a back up. Be sure to get one with the right connection though, SATA or ATA.
You could recover all your data this way to the new laptop before you format the old disk.

  ronalddonald 14:03 25 Jun 2008

Ragarding the RAM situation go to click here to find out if they do ddr2 or click here thats orca or just type RAM in your internet browser and c what comes up.

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