laptop hard disk failure

  drcmunro 09:49 17 Mar 2004


My laptop's hard drive seems to have given up the ghost - it started out by knocking very loudly and refusing to read or write any data. Then i tried to reboot and have been unable to - it finds the boot record but then works away furiously with no apparent result.

Is it possible to replace internal drives on a laptop? Would anything else need replacing as well? Unfortunately it's a multivision machine so no chance of a warranty claim since they went bust!

  pj123 09:53 17 Mar 2004

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  JerryJay 10:02 17 Mar 2004

Hard drive is the only part in a laptop which can be replaced "easily". As your laptop is not very old, so any standard 2.5" laptop hard drive will fit. I have has laptop HD failure before, replacement is not difficult except a Dell laptop, I have to use some stick tape to fix it. Big PC makers such as Dell always use their own component, but small pc maker use standard one.

But, before you do anything, check to make sure it is hard disk failure. Can you still boot up from CD/Floppy? If you can boot from CD or floppy, then you can run hard disk diagnostic tool which you can get from hard drive manufacturer's own web site if you know the maker and model of HD in your laptop.

IF you want to send HD for specilist data recovery, DONOT run any diagnostic check in case more damage.

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