Laptop hanging/refusing to load MS Word

  BigDunc 13:55 08 Sep 2004

Dell laptop running ME and Office 2000 has suddenly stopped loading Word - just hangs at the Word splashscreen. OK with Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Have uninstalled and reloaded Office, used Norton to "clean things up". Closed all open programs and tried to open Word but all to no avail.

Any ideas please. Mate in IT has heard of this happening but can't offer advice.

Thanks in advance!

  Urotsukidoji 14:42 08 Sep 2004

run search for *.dot

delete all you find
restart word


  BigDunc 16:05 08 Sep 2004

Thanks - give it a go tonight!

  Djohn 16:45 08 Sep 2004

But think it's "" you need to search for and delete. Placing the wild card in there with the asterisk may delete more than it should but this is only a guess, so please double check. Regards. j.

  BigDunc 17:22 08 Sep 2004

Thanks guys.
Phoned my daughter (at home)who deleted the 3 files and Word opened fine! Many thanks.

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