Laptop graphics.....which one?

  KWAKI 23:00 01 Apr 2005

Ok i know the radion 9700 128mb is good as far as laptop graphics go but i'm about to buy a laptop and just wandered if its worth waiting for anything new on the horizon.

I know that pci express has just come out but this is a bit expensive at the my queery there anything else i should consider other than the radion 9700 thats around the same price ,or is this the only choice of the moment?

I'm looking at: Athlon 64 3400+ ,512mb ram ,dvd re-writer and 17" choice so far is the Rock Quaddra 64 but is there cheeper or better?

Thanks for any help.

  stebinnersley 00:47 02 Apr 2005

depends what u want it for, i have just got a toshiba, and i am extremely happy. Radion 9700, very fast and capable of running anything i throw at it. on the net wireless now...

  KWAKI 12:18 02 Apr 2005

Do you think the Quaddra 64 is a good price or can you suggest something else with the same spec but cheaper?

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