Laptop Graphics faulty and repair

  Audio~~Chip 12:49 21 Jun 2009

Hi, I have diagnosed my 2yr old Acer Laptop to have either Graphics chip or card or motherboard to be faulty as I have bypassed the Laptop screen and connected the laptop to a CRT monitor which also gives distorted display even in the BIOS screens.

Can you replace a Laptop Graphics Chip/card? or is it a scrapper. Does anyone know a source to possibly buy Laptop Graphics card/chip or board. Not sure what the correct name is for a laptop. I am familiar with stripping laptops down but would only do this if I can get the part.

Thanks for any replies.

  Taff™ 14:24 21 Jun 2009

Model number might be useful! Have you tried re-installing the original drivers?

  Audio~~Chip 14:35 21 Jun 2009

Its not the Drivers as even in the BIOS the display is corrupt. Their is no readable display and I have connected Laptop to a working CRT monitor and also tried disconnecting the actual laptop screen. Laptop Model No is Aspire 5610.
Thanks for you reply!

  Taff™ 06:44 22 Jun 2009

I would still be tempted to reload the chipset drivers. click here Select Service & Support, then Driver Download from the left hand menu.

  Taff™ 07:03 22 Jun 2009

I think it`s an Intel 945 chipset. Intel drivers click here if I`m correct. (I was trying to get a download from the Acer site and it seems to be having problems)

  Audio~~Chip 12:56 22 Jun 2009

It is not possible to see anything on the screen at all apart from white distortion, Red Block lines, imposible to get into windows you carnt see nothing, even the bios screens arnt viz now. but thanks for your suggestions.

  n47. 20:11 21 May 2011

Certain laptops come with a mini pci-e graphics card or it may have the slot and use an on-board graphics chip.

A mini pci-e graphics card, for laptops, is quite common. I have a couple in my spares box.

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