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  Hotfingers 10:32 17 Jan 2003
  Hotfingers 10:32 17 Jan 2003

I have recently bought myself a Dell laptop, however it only has a 8mb praphics card which prevents 'essential applications' (such as GTA3) from running. I was wondering if anyone knows if this can be upgraded. It is a Geforce2 Go.

Thanks in advance

  recap 10:35 17 Jan 2003

I would say yes to the upgrade Hotfingers but, take it to a computer shop who specialises in laptops or send it back to Dell for the upgrade.

  Hotfingers 10:42 17 Jan 2003

Thanks, I will give Dell a ring. Does anyone know if I could buy an upgrade without going through Dell? I would imagine it would be cheaper.


  recap 10:49 17 Jan 2003

Will taking it to another supplier void your warranty? Thats the question that springs to mind.

  Hotfingers 11:04 17 Jan 2003

I have conatacted Dell who say that they do not sell graphic cards as upgrades. They gave me the number of a differant company, called Upgrade Options. This company told me they cannot get hold of graphic cards for laptops. Dell did say that if I had it fitted properly it would not invalidate the warrenty.

  DieSse 11:16 17 Jan 2003

Laptop graphics are very rarely on plug-in cards - they are built-in to the motherboard. This being so, you cannot normally upgrade the "graphics card" - but depending on how it is implemented, you may be able to upgrsde the graphics memory (8Mb seems to be the minimum for a GeF2Go chip)

Look here at the specs for the various GeF2Go chips - do you know which you have? have you checked whether you do have any kind of plug-in graphics facility?

I have to say i don't understand Dell's answer - they are the only people who will know what you can do with you graphics - and will almost certainly be the only people who can tell you if it's upgradeable, and by what means. a simple "we don't sell them" smacks of you not getting hold of the right person.

What exactly is it that stops you running the game you want to? - this is still a fairly capable graphics facitity for a laptop.

  DieSse 11:17 17 Jan 2003

Sorry - link for the chip

click here

  Hotfingers 11:39 18 Jan 2003

Thanks for the rely. A lot of modern games need 16mb graphics (GTA3, SIM 4 etc). As for the graphics card, all GeForce Go cards are of the plug in type as far as I know. I did a lot of researcher before getting this system and one of the main features was the possibility to upgrade the graphics. I have sent an e-mail to Dell but I have little hope of reply. This will be the fourth e-mail I have sent to Dell about differant things and am yet to recieve a single reply. Does anyone know if these cards are definatly upgradable? Should Dell be able to supply it?

Thanks again

  DieSse 15:04 18 Jan 2003

Give us the exact Dell model you have please.

  Hotfingers 15:13 18 Jan 2003

I have a Dell Inspiron 2650.

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