Laptop going Haywire

  rossol 12:08 13 Jun 2008

Laptop works ok then every now and again goes haywire putting different pages up... have to leave for a minute or two then it calm down

  Clapton is God 12:11 13 Jun 2008

Different pages of what?

  Ditch999 12:45 13 Jun 2008

Are you hitting any keys or the touchpad by accident?

  rossol 12:52 13 Jun 2008

yes different pages and not hitting any keys then it settles down

  Clapton is God 12:59 13 Jun 2008

You still haven't answered my question.

Nevertheless, have you tried a System Restore?

  xania 13:01 13 Jun 2008

Please provide the following information:


  xania 13:04 13 Jun 2008

PLease provide the following information:

1 What make, model and age is your laptop and how much memory (RAM) does it have. Also what Hard Disk size and how much free space on the C:\ drive
2 What operating system are you using, and is this kept up-to-date
3 What software are you using to view these 'pages'
4 What anto-virus and other security software are you using, and is this kept up to date
5 Have you made any changes to your system recently i.e. new software or hardware added
6 Has your laptop suffered from any problem recently (i.e. recent crash)
7 Whether you are connected to the internet when problems arise

  rossol 13:23 13 Jun 2008

different page on and off the internet using xp home all kept up dated .using ca anti virus yes connected to crashs no hardware added

  rossol 13:27 13 Jun 2008

Novatech celeron (r) 2.80 ghz 448mb of ram

  rossol 13:29 13 Jun 2008

Free space 33.5 size 37.2 gb

  xania 12:35 16 Jun 2008

Your RAM is a bit on the low side - I always recommend 1GB. Sometimes low RAM can result in a delay between a key being depressed and a resultant action - more typically this shows as characters not appearing as you type, but can also result in paging delays, which, in turn, COULD result in the sort of behaviour you are experiencing.

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