laptop getting hot

  jayjayj 17:49 18 Jul 2012

hi i have a new laptop is it normal for the palm rest to get very hot to the point that your hand feel uncomfortable thanks

  frybluff 18:12 18 Jul 2012

Different makes/models of laptops have a tendancy to get warm at some position. Having said that, nowhere should get HOT, which could indicate that a ventilation fan is not working. Particularly if you have it on a soft surface, you should be sure that no air vents are obstructed. Can you hear a fan running when it's that hot. If you confirm make/ model, someone can probably advise further.

  jayjayj 18:29 18 Jul 2012

thanks for reply i can hear the fan but it is really hot where my hand is resting the model is l850 166 the problem is this is my 3rd laptop the first 1 made a static noise the second 1 was an ex display and now this 1 seems to have this heat problem i only changed it yesterday, but my hand seems to be burning from the heat, do you know if there have been any problems with this model as i have heard the static pop noise on this 1 cant be the speakers they are on mute any advice would be very helpful thanks

  Aitchbee 19:02 18 Jul 2012

One or two of the high street 'pound' shops sell 'laptop-coolers'; alternatively, if you can place your computer on a metallic tray, that may help to dissipate the excess heat. (...but you have probably thought of that one).

  Nontek 19:11 18 Jul 2012

Although it would not doubt be a nuisance, I would get it replaced again - Laptops should not get that hot.

  Nontek 19:12 18 Jul 2012

PS - after hours of daily use, my laptop is still cold to the touch. Bought new in March.

  jayjayj 19:22 18 Jul 2012

do any of you know if this model as any problems like i said the first 1 made a pop static noise ever now and again but then was making it 10 times a day i have heard it once or twice on this 1 my speakers are on mute but my main concern is the heat thanks

  Nontek 19:32 18 Jul 2012

click here

If this is your laptop, then No, it should not get that hot!!

Assuming you are using it sensibly, i.e. not on a carpeted floor/bed/lap, should be on a solid base with room for air circulation above/below and around it.

  jayjayj 19:42 18 Jul 2012

yes thats the laptop and it is on my lap but there is nothing blocking the fan and i have always sat with the laptop on my knee i thought thats why they are called laptops

  Nontek 19:46 18 Jul 2012

OK - try putting on a tea-tray on your lap then. Then see if it still gets Hot!

  Nontek 19:47 18 Jul 2012

Or, as Aitchbee says above, get a Laptop Cooler tray.

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