Laptop freezing after fresh install of XP pro

  kpmatthews 20:39 01 May 2007

hi, since completing a fresh install of xp pro on my laptop, it freezes after 15-20 minutes of use. the mousepad and keyboard do not respond and the screen flickers a bit. i've used the repair function to repair xp but no change. any suggestions? i've downloaded a temperature monitor and so far so good. its running at 44 degrees after 15 minutes.

  Diversion 21:22 01 May 2007

Did you perform a full format or a quick format before your install, as a quick format leaves quite a lot of rubbish behind. If you have the OEM disk you want to do a full format, the quick format is for the Recovery Disk which leaves the OEM intact.

  phono 21:28 01 May 2007

Have you installed the motherboard chipset drivers and any other drivers that may be required?

  kpmatthews 11:07 02 May 2007

i have installed the chipset and graphics drivers. not sure what other drivers it might need.

it was used for about an hour and half this morning with no problems- my little boy playing flash games. when my wife tried to turn it on again it froze almost immediately :-(

when i turn it on after freezing i get a blank screen and the only way to get it working again is to remove the battery. i had a look inside and its not dusty or anything.

yes i did a fresh install - i chose the option that overwrites the existing partition. as the problem persisted i've also tried a recovery with no luck.

i ran a memory test and the memory is fine.

when i took my 1gb ram out and put in my old 256mb ram it froze, but then seemed to uninstall the graphics drivers and changed to 16 colours before i restarted it. at 16 colours i couldnt work out if it had frozen or not.

it was running at 52-53 degrees c yesterday without freezing.

  phono 22:38 02 May 2007

Try starting in safe mode and see if the Laptop is usable, if it runs okay without freezing in safe mode it would tend to suggest a software problem, if on the other hand it still freezes it would suggest a hardware problem.

To start in safe mode keep tapping F8 as it is booting up and choose the option that suits you best, safe mode or safe mode with networking. The latter will allow Internet use.

Be advised that the display will be a low res and icons etc will look very large and screen area will be very small.

  kpmatthews 11:47 03 May 2007

it was on for over an hour this morning. it never got hot and it only froze when i moved it (i was gentle.) when frozen i could still see the hard drive activity indicator working, and the cd span up when i inserted it, and it beeped at me when i did stuff, so it was accepting instructions. we guessed that maybe it was a video problem.
**it would only let me restart after i had removed and reinserted the hard drive.**
once in, i removed the video driver and restarted as instructed. worked ok but then froze again.
i restarted and went into bios as i wanted to change the boot priority anyway, and it froze in bios, so im thinking its a hardware problem. any suggestion on what could be the problem?
remember it only started after a fresh install.

  kpmatthews 13:30 03 May 2007

it froze in safe mode :-(

i have a colleague at work who will run linux on it from a cd-rom just to confirm its a hardware fault. whats my possibilities here? is it worth buying stuff like a hard drive etc, or just giving it to a shop to repair?

  ArrGee 14:08 03 May 2007

Try using this to perform a full format first, and then try your installation:

click here

  kpmatthews 14:28 03 May 2007

as the laptop froze in the bios would this remove the hard drive from any investigation?

  woodchip 14:34 03 May 2007

Have you tried running just on Mains with no battery in the laptop?

Also you could go to Run type MSCONFIG press enter then Startup Tab remove all the ticks in boxes Restart computer test to see if it does not freeze. You should not go on the Net like this.

Also just a Question Have you reloaded Motherboard Drivers for the laptop including Graphics and Touchpad etc?????

  phono 21:57 03 May 2007

In light of what you say about the laptop freezing both in the BIOS and safe mode, and especially when you moved it I would suspect a hardware fault, possibly a dry joint on the motherboard, a notoriously hard fault to find in order to carry out a repair.

In saying all that I hope I am proved wrong and all turns out well for you.

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