Laptop freezing

  lewtra26 20:59 19 Jul 2010

Hi,I have a Dell Inspiron 510m running Xp pro Sp3 and it freezes up on start up or after a few minuts,I have to hit the On button and re start.I do this 3 or 4 times and it is OK.I have looked in task manager and the cpu usage is 100%.It only freezes when the Cpu is running less than 100%.

Was wondering if any one knows what the problem is.TBH I can live with it taking 3 start ups because it is a good laptop,but I am thinking of selling it and it would be an issue.


  northumbria61 21:44 19 Jul 2010

Use MSCONFIG to limit your startup applications.

Start - Run - Type msconfig - Startup Tab - Untick the one's you don't need (most you will recognise)

** I have Win 7 and I only have 2 ticked - my Antivirus and wireless mouse in startup **

THEN restart your laptop. It it starts up okay then this indicates a conflict. It then means that it can be a lengthy process to find the culprit by putting ticks back (one at a time) and restarting until you find which it is.

  woodchip 22:02 19 Jul 2010

Sounds like you are getting mixed up with CPU Idle.

If you have the Laptop for some time used on Soft Surfaces or Carpets etc its full of muck and needs cleaning out round CPU Heat Exchanger. Smoking will make it a lot worse as it acts like glue

  lewtra26 17:47 20 Jul 2010

Hi Northumbria.I don't have anything starting up in msconfig and only have 17 services running.I like to get rid of all the programmes I dont use as it makes for a faster machine,thanks anyway.

Woodchip nice to see you still on the boards.It's a strange one.If I start it up and the Cpu usage is below 100% then it will freeze after a few minutes.When it hits 100% and stays then I know it will run sweet as.
You say there maybe a build up of dust etc in the Cpu/cooling area and the Cpu will over heat and freeze up the machine,if that was the case would it not freeze up constantly?
Like I said once Cpu usage is 100 it never freezes.
Could it be a driver issue?I could not install the chipset drivers from dells web site.

  woodchip 17:50 20 Jul 2010

my bet is on overheating

  woodchip 17:53 20 Jul 2010

my bet is on overheating, Dell Service Manual click here

  woodchip 17:55 20 Jul 2010

my bet is on overheating, Dell Service Manual click here

Hear is the Link to your Manual from Dell click here

  lewtra26 07:10 21 Jul 2010

Thanks for the links Woodchip.I will strip and clean it out later and report back.

  lewtra26 18:39 22 Jul 2010

Woodchip you have won the bet,there was a nice carpet of fluff between the fan and heatsink vent.All I had to do was remove the power panel and keyboard for access.Thanks.

  woodchip 22:14 22 Jul 2010

good to hear its solved it

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