Laptop formatted unable to install windows...

  AMAX 08:52 17 Nov 2007

I format my cousin's laptop not knowing that the cdrom is not working. Now i was unable to install windows. Is there any other way I can install windows? It has USB but my external cdrom don't boot on it. Any idea? The only available working is the floppy drive. Again, it's a laptop.

  crosstrainer 08:56 17 Nov 2007

Is to replace the faulty cdrom...What is the make and model of the laptop?

  MAJ 09:09 17 Nov 2007

Your cousin's laptop, if it is fairly new, might support booting from an external drive, check the BIOS for such an option.

You could try copying the contents of the XP CD to the laptop's hard drive and installing it that way.

You could buy an adapter that would allow you to install the laptop's hard drive in your desktop and try installing that way.

  DieSse 09:36 17 Nov 2007

Since he'll probably want the CD-ROM repaired anyway - I'd vote for changing that first, and save a lot of messing around.

  bremner 09:39 17 Nov 2007

It appears that you are suggesting installing XP onto the laptop drive by connected it to another machine.

Whilst it will install it almost certainly will not work when reconnected to the laptop. XP ties itself to the motherboard of the machine on which it is installed.

  MAJ 09:42 17 Nov 2007

Yeah, that's true bremner, didn't think of that........

  Sheik Yerbouti 09:43 17 Nov 2007

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Anywhere near Bolton ? you can collect this in an hour. £30

  AMAX 11:13 17 Nov 2007

My cousin's laptop is a Compaq Presario 1200 Series. I'm just thinking, is there anything I can download to update it's Bios so it may recognize the USB external cdrom? My ACER Travelmate 600TER boots on ext. cdrom when i formatted it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:36 17 Nov 2007

USB drivers for DOS make a floppy boot disk with USB drivers on and then you can run the external CD

click here

  AMAX 16:16 18 Nov 2007

Wow! You give me hope, fruit bat. I'll try this... hope it'll work. Thanks!

  AMAX 11:40 19 Nov 2007

Hehe... fruit bat can you teach me the procedure step by step? I already download the USB drivers (DUSE). Which one will i use duse4_4 or duse 4_9? BY the way, my ext. cdrom is a DVDrom/Writer. Is it still supported by those drivers? Where will i begin? Again, the laptop was formatted. Please help!

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