Laptop fan on full 100% of the time-Any harm?

  buel 21:48 11 Jun 2009

Hi, my friend's 8month old laptop's fan is on 100% of the time and always sounds as if it is on 'full', will this do any harm please?

  phono 21:53 11 Jun 2009

Did the laptop always do this or has it started recently?

It could be sign that some/all of the cooling vents are blocked or obstructed so the fan is having to run at 100% to keep the CPU from overheating.

It could also be that the system is set up for maximum performance as opposed to maximum power saving, check the power saving options and change them to maximum power saving if different and see if this makes any difference.

  buel 22:09 11 Jun 2009

How do i check the power saving please? The laptop is Vista (Grrr)

  woodchip 22:14 11 Jun 2009

Check BIOS on some like mine a HP Laptop you can turn it on so it runs all the time, or just if it starts getting hot

  phono 22:32 11 Jun 2009

"How do i check the power saving please? The laptop is Vista (Grrr)"

Click Start > Control panel > Power Options

  buel 22:44 11 Jun 2009

Ok, it is on 'Balanced'!

  phono 22:48 11 Jun 2009

Try moving it to Power Saver and see if it makes any difference, the laptop may run a bit slower and be slightly less responsive however, depends on the CPU, amount of RAM video chipset and software running at the time.

BTW what make is the laptop? Is there any diagnostic software installed on it or available for download.

  mooly 08:07 12 Jun 2009

Is this the same laptop as in your other thread ?
If you have "processor activity" then the fan will come on. If it's on all the time while the laptop is idle something is wrong.

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