Laptop Fan cleaning!!

  bugzy101 13:26 09 Jul 2006

Hi guys

My laptop has 2 fans which are built into 1 unit.
The problem i am having is that one of the fans makes a sort of noise that sounds like its full of dust or something. I no this because i have sotware that was designed for laptop fan controling, so i tryed each fan on its own to see which fan it was that had the problem. The other fan is fine sounds very clean but i think the other may need some cleaning.

What do you suggest?

Thanks For Help.

  bugzy101 13:33 09 Jul 2006

the fans look like this click here

  Ade_1 16:31 09 Jul 2006

On my laptop, i leave the grill on, i dont dismantle anything, all i do is just use something to suck the dust out. But like i say i dont dismantle anything as i dont want to end up sucking anything up apart from dust.

  woodchip 16:58 09 Jul 2006

You cannot clean unless you dismantel the Laptop some. Not one for the learner

  Totally-braindead 17:03 09 Jul 2006

I only took a laptop apart once. It took me so long to get the thing back together I now wouldn't touch one. My only suggestion would be what Ade_1 suggests, use a hoover on the vents but be careful as the hoovers like Dysons are so powerful I have actually seen a motherboard damaged by one, the guy stuck it right on top of the board and must have loosened some of the components. Admitadely that was a desktop motherboard and he had it touching the components but you can see what I mean. He ended up buying a new motherboard.

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