laptop fan always on

  mco 10:51 10 Aug 2005

My own laptop fan only comes on intermittently but my mate's is always on - this can't be right, surely? And maybe it's why his battery lasts a lot less longer than mine too. Any ideas how I can change the setting to intermittent? I've looked in the BIOS and device manager but frankly don't know what I'm searching for! I heard it might be a faulty sensor but desperately hope we don't have to have it fixed because it's a Tiny/Time one (yes, I know; I did warn him!)

  woodchip 10:53 10 Aug 2005

It depends on CPU is in the Computer, is it a P4 by any chance

  mco 11:17 10 Aug 2005

don't know - would have to check that

  wee eddie 13:32 10 Aug 2005

A can of air, hairdryer(set on cold) or a floor cleaner (set to blow), through the laptop's exit hole should be a simple start.

It is surprising how much fluff one can collect!

  mco 15:05 10 Aug 2005

well that's an entertaining one to try, certainly! Mind you, it's only a few months old.

  mco 12:56 17 Aug 2005 see if anyone else has any ideas. Went into the BIOS - it says Intel celeron CPU2.40GH but can't find any reference to fans. Power saving is enabled (whatever that means) is the fan on device manger to have a look at? what's its 'proper' name? Or is it that some laptops just always have the fan on?

  Belatucadrus 14:55 17 Aug 2005

Some fans just come on when you boot up, others are thermostatically controled and as such operate intermitantly. I don't think it can be adjusted through software.

  Stuartli 15:59 17 Aug 2005

Laptops have very cramped interiors and some have the fan running all/most of the time - perhaps just as well at this time of the year when temperatures are quite high in any case.

  woodchip 16:05 17 Aug 2005

Looks like he will have to put up with it it's one of those things. I have a celron 2.2Gb laptop but it's not on all the time

  Completealias 16:24 17 Aug 2005

Is it a mobile chip or a desktop one in his laptop. If its a desktop one this would help explain the reason why the cooling is always on, I have a mobile chip in my laptop and the fans are nearly always running but they speed up and slow down depending on what I'm doing.

  mco 16:41 17 Aug 2005

I don't know the difference between a mobile chip or a desktop one but if you tell me where I can find which one it is I'd be able to tell you then.

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