Laptop fan

  adamagain 23:56 02 Aug 2006

Hi Just needed to know do all laptop fans make a noise.
I cant seem to hear mine so I don’t know if its working
is there a system tool to check the performance any ware in the system programme


  sean-278262 00:10 03 Aug 2006

Depends on the laptop. Some will be very very cool running and therefore wont come on very often. Others will be on all the time. Tell us what laptop you have and we should be able to tell you if it should be on all the time. My sister has a celeron M machine and it barely uses the fan. Also most Centrino laptops also tend to be rare users of fans.

Is the second part a separate question or do you mean you seek something like motherboard monitor? Google it its free.

  adamagain 00:16 03 Aug 2006

Hi Creature of the Nite

Its a acer 230 travelmate
Yes it is all one question I was meaning can you locate a programe in your OS to check if the fans is working

  sean-278262 00:27 03 Aug 2006

You should see little or no activity on the fan with a system like that. Does it come on at all? put the back of your hand to where the fan ports are. Try them all you should feel the movement of air if they are on but you may need to make the processor do some hard work by running something intensive such as a film and a few other programmes before it would kick in. My sisters machine can work on office and the web and it never kick in for about 2 hours.

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