laptop & External LCD

  highside 16:06 02 Dec 2009

Any help please.
Have an external LCD monitor (Hanns.G) connection by VGA to Samsung laptop which is fine.
The External display is named as Display 2 by Windows (7) and original laptop screen is Display 1.
Now I am trying to get printer (Canon iP 1800) to print something close to what is seen on the external display 2.
What I can not grasp is that in Printer Properties - Colour management - Devices Display 1 is shown in the box, does it need changing to display 2? (if so how) or will that menu always be tied to the original laptop graphics driver.
Hoping someone can see what I am trying to say.
Thanks for looking.

  Pineman100 18:41 02 Dec 2009

I'm not sure that I've entirely understood your explanation - are you saying that the laptop screen and the external screen are showing two different images?

My (Vista) laptop (and most laptops that I've come across) has the ability to send its display to its own screen, to an external VGA screen, or to duplicate the display on both at the same time.

I can toggle between these choices with a keystroke combination. You may find that one of your function keys has a little diagram of a screen on it - this key, plus another (possibly CTRL, ALT or Fn) should toggle between the choices.

But the printer will print the same image, regardless of which screen it's displayed on.

I don't know whether that's of any help to you!

  highside 20:03 02 Dec 2009

Thanks for replying, I have mine toggled so that laptop display is off.
What i want to do is get prints which resemble the external display ie set a profile to match it rather than the horrible dull standard laptop one.
It doesnt matter how many times you calibrate the display its the printer that needs changing to make a real difference but not sure how.

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