Laptop DVD Drive Not Playing DVDs

  stupeedo 22:06 21 May 2005

I've got an Evesham laptop which works brilliantly, except recently it's stopped playing DVDs.

It's a Sony DVD RW DW-U54A and still recognises CDs, but when DVD discs (movie or data) are plugged in, it won't recognise them and acts as though nothing is inserted.

Has anyone had this problem before? Or does anyone know how I can go about resolving it?


  VoG II 22:09 21 May 2005
  stupeedo 09:55 22 May 2005

Unfortunately, that didn't seem to work - it couldn't recognise a fault :(

Unsure why the drive can still read CDs, but not DVDs (or FootballManager!)

Any help at all would be appreciated.

Thanks again

  Methedrine 11:22 22 May 2005

Is autoplay enabled on the drive? Have you tried cleaning the drive lens? Do you get any error messages on the screen after inserting a dvd?

  fitcher 11:44 22 May 2005

is it a caddy drive . or slot built in .I have trouble with caddy drive now and again .(magazine dvd cover disks )I remove and clean connecting points .and at same time clean lense

  stupeedo 14:59 22 May 2005

Methedrine - yes autoplay is enabled, but that aside, when I go into My Computer (or Windows Media/PowerDVD), it doesn't recognise that there's a disc in the drive.

I've tried cleaning the lens, but again, it doesn't seem to help :(

Fitcher - unfortunately, it's a slot built in.

Does anyone know how much it would cost to replace the drive? how easy a task is it?


  Methedrine 15:19 22 May 2005

What make of Evesham laptop is it?

  Methedrine 15:20 22 May 2005

DUH!!! Make! I mean model. Stupid Meth!

  Stuartli 16:23 22 May 2005

Could be that the DVD laser is kaput and the CD equivalent still OK.

  Stuartli 16:25 22 May 2005

Try uninstalling the drive from Device Manager and then rebooting - Windows should reinstall it as New Hardware along with the basic Windows CDROM driver.

If things are still the same then it may well be the DVD laser.

  stupeedo 12:30 23 May 2005

Thanks Stuartli - I'll try that one when I get home from work.

Meth - it's a Voyager 6200 (1gbRAM, 3.2gHz AMD, 15" screen, DVDRW drive)

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