Laptop driving me nuts, crawling like a snail

  spot the braincell 08:07 02 Oct 2007

All of a sudden it takes an age to boot up and an age to load any application and an age to swap between applications.

Any clues folks it's doing my head in. I've defragged it and used ccleaner and run ad-aware.

I can hear it continually clanking and whirring as if it's doing something in the background, but I've no idea what

Please help for the sake of my sanity
thanks folks

  birdface 08:22 02 Oct 2007

Speed here Just to make sure that you are getting the correct download speed from your ISP

  birdface 08:27 02 Oct 2007

Press Ctrl. Alt. and Delete at the same time that takes you into Task Manager.Processes. Under CPU what program is using the biggest % of CPU.System Idle Process should be showing about 97% and all the rest the remaining 3%.

  Jak_1 08:40 02 Oct 2007

"I can hear it continually clanking and whirring as if it's doing something in the background, but I've no idea what"

By the sound of things your hard drive is dying, make sure you have all important data files backed up.

  spot the braincell 11:08 02 Oct 2007

buteman, results are Download Speed: 1970 kbps (246.3 KB/sec ) Upload Speed: 137 kbps (17.1 KB/sec )not sure if that is what it should be.

System idle is 97%

Jak_1 I will back all data up even though I did this about a year ago :)

Thanks folks

Is there any way of identifying anything that shouldn't be running?

  wee eddie 12:59 02 Oct 2007

Work your way through this lot of Fruit Bat's and report back.

click here

General housekeeping may not cure your problem but at least it will remove several potential causes of the problem.

  birdface 17:34 05 Oct 2007

1970-kbps that is almost 2Mb.Upload speed a little down on mine.I am with Virgin and get the same download speed as you .my upload speed is a bit higher 189kbps and I am on the 2Mb package.Yup I agree it sounds like your hard drive.make sure you don't have a disk stuck in the drive making the noise.If system idle process is showing 97% then there is nothing running.I don't suppose that you have tried a system restore to a time before you had the problems.

  birdface 17:51 05 Oct 2007

What anti-virus-Spyware and Firewall do you have.Ad-aware on its own is no good.C Cleaner is only a registry cleaner and will not detect Virus's.Now you could try Winaso Optimizer trial edition.It will only repair 10 items at a time ,but you can run it as often as you like. click here also has a registry defrag on it that is very quick.Worth a try as it usually speeds computers up.I use it and think it's a great program.

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