laptop drive is in raw not ntfs

  shauny36 18:07 26 Nov 2006

laptop hd was coming up with ntldr missing so took out hd and rigged it up via usb to 2nd pc and managed to save a couple of files but when i acess it now it says it is corrupt or inaccesable,
when i click on properties the file system is RAW not NTFS

please help

  Diodorus Siculus 18:08 26 Nov 2006

click here Drive Rescue v1.9d might help

  crosstrainer 18:11 26 Nov 2006

Sounds as though this hdd has been corrupt in some way or wiped. Your options are limited unless you pay a third party recovery company to retrieve your lost data, the other way is to re-format the drive and reinstall your os etc. What laptop do you have, and does it have a recovery programme built into the BIOS? This is usually accesed by pressing alt+F10 on bootup or similar, your manual should explain this, but if you have no backups re-formmating and re-install from a windows cd is your best bet. If this fails then the drive itself may have expired.

  shauny36 18:18 26 Nov 2006

when i go into properties there are no bytes.
also this is the second time the ntldr is missing on 2 different computers within a week.

  crosstrainer 18:27 26 Nov 2006

Two in one week on different machines? Sounds as though you may have picked up something nasty in the virus department. Is the other drive inaccessible as well?

  shauny36 18:30 26 Nov 2006

sort of, can format and install on a different pc but when i put the hd bak in the faulty pc it comes up ntldr is missing aswell.

but cant rescue or install xp on that pc

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 26 Nov 2006

ntldr missing is usually

1 booting from a floppy or cd drive with non boot-able disk in place

2. booting from a missing network drive

3. booting from wrong partition on HDD (boot.ini paths incorrect)

4. ntldr file missing / corrupt on root of drive

5. 0 track on drive bad (this is the one where you won't recover your data with out a specialist company and lots of money)

  lotvic 00:14 27 Nov 2006

Make a NTLDR boot disk to get back into Windows. (floppy or CD or USB) click here and download fixntldr.exe

  shauny36 11:05 01 Dec 2006

whent to the link and downloaded it but dont quite understand what to do.
would prefer to download to cd, have got nero 7.

also i think it is a virus as my partner went to her friends house to use the internet and her pc ended up crashing after she had been on, and when booting up it also came up with ntldr is missing.

i think the only site she went on was ebay and yahoo email(i think)

have took the laptop to be fixed but this still leaves my pc out of action with the same symptons.

  lotvic 23:55 01 Dec 2006

did you read the WHOLE page? maybe it would be a good idea to print the page and study it. It tells you how to make a CD

Also if I have understood your post
""can format and install on a different pc but when i put the hd bak in the faulty pc it comes up ntldr is missing""
I do not think you can swap a hard drive to another pc and expect XP to work (Because a Hardware Hash is generated during installation that 'ties' the installation of XP to that pc) but I may be wrong...

  crosstrainer 10:16 02 Dec 2006

Lotvic is right, you cannot put a hard drive with with a windows installation from another pc into your other machine. Still think that this could be a virus but another thing to check is your BIOS settings (usually delete or f2 on bootup) check to make sure that boot sector virus protection is DISABLED and try again.

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