laptop drive is half the size

  craigy1 09:44 11 Jan 2006


I ahve a seagate st92014a 20gb drive that I have just fiited in my desktop machine so I could see how big the drive was before i put it into my laptop.

the problem is that is should read 20gb but it only reads about 7.84gb, I have formatted the drive using my desktop and put it into ntfs mode and it is sitll only 7.84gb

does anybody know why its only half the size? and how to get it back to 20 gb?


  keith-236785 09:58 11 Jan 2006

only reason i can see for this is if you were using windows95 which had a hard drive limit of 8 gig (8 gig - formatting would be about 7.84gig).

other than that, is there a jumper on the rear of the drive that reduces the size (some larger drives have a jumper to reduce the size of the drive to 36gig)

check the jumper is not set to reduce the size, if it is then remove it and try again.

good luck

  keith-236785 10:01 11 Jan 2006

just wondering if you are aware of the different size fittings for desktop & laptop drives?

a IDE drive for a desktop will not fit into a laptop, unless you are using an adapter to try it in your desktop.

if anyone thinks i am wrong then please let me know as my experience with a laptop goes back a few years and i would like to be updated if things have changed.

  Yoda2002 10:06 11 Jan 2006

yea what type of drive are you using and how were you going to get it to work with youyr laptop ?? :s is the onthing im confused about .

your problem on the other hand should be easy to fix useing paperman surgestions if not post back with more details and we'll have a second look :P

  craigy1 10:11 11 Jan 2006


i am using a cable adapter so it will fit into my desktop. i dont have a problem with that side of it. the problem is that the harddrive is reading too small. there is no jumper on the laptop drive .

the only jumper is for the master/slave option. i have checked on the web and i do have it installed properly as well., the thing is is that this is the 2nd hard drive i have come across that is half the size when i put it into my desktop.

the only reason i wanted to to put it into my desktop is to see if that drive is ok b4 i install it into my laptop.

  craigy1 10:17 11 Jan 2006

I have also tried formatting the drive using both options. ie fat 32 and ntfs and they both read the same size. also disk checking does not come up with any errors or surface problems

  Yoda2002 10:33 11 Jan 2006

umm the only one thing i can think of that may be causing your problem and this is your bios settings if you were running a lower OS eg Win 95 then it would only execpt 8GB if you have upgraded your OS then your bios may still be set to only allow 8GB

btw what OS are you PCs running? are they diffrent?

boot your pc up a entr the bios and check under the disk management setting i think paperman could verify it.

  craigy1 14:28 11 Jan 2006

I am running XP. I dont think it has anything to do with the bios on my XP machine. All I want to know is why is it not reading 20 GB

  Pamy 14:54 11 Jan 2006

Hi craigy1, sorry I cannot help. I too have a similar problem HDD. A friend gave me this drive a year ago because of the same problem. I just use it as a storage drive as it is about 33Gb,(there are no other partitions) but it should be 61.5 Gb. I have never been able to get it back to 61.5, so I would be very interested if you ever solve your problem. Finaly, I was told that it may have been Low Level Formatted, how this affects it though I do not know.


  pj123 15:25 11 Jan 2006

Obviously, your desktop BIOS will not accept anything above 8gb. You would need to download something like Ontrack disk manager or Maxblast 4 to enable the full capacity.

Ontrack: click here

and Maxtor:

click here

  craigy1 15:51 11 Jan 2006

I have now resolved this problem. As I said earlier it didnt have anything to do with the bios as my own hardrive is much bigger than the laptop.

It had something to do with the makeup of the hardrive as explained to me by seagate.

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