Laptop drive bay compatibility?

  Pauper 08:55 02 Dec 2007

Morning all,

I've just got my hands on a cheap laptop (Evo 620C), and would like to change the DVD drive for a DVDRW, the problem is that I have no idea about drive compatibility.

Are DVD drive bays in laptops of a generic design, or do they vary between manufacturers? Obviously there will be bezel issues between machines, but this may be solvable by using the existing drives bezel if the drives themselves are generic.

Does anyone have any info on this please?


  ambra4 09:44 02 Dec 2007

DVD drive bays in laptops vary between manufacturers you should check Compaq for the correct Type CD-RW / DVD-ROM - plug-in module as one is available.

Check at this site

click here

  Pauper 10:54 02 Dec 2007

Thanks for the info, that's pretty much what I thought the answer would be.

I've got a couple of links for new drives, but I'm hoping to pick up a cheapy off fleabay so just needed to know how restricted I will be regarding compatibility.


  Pauper 11:47 02 Dec 2007

tick d box.....

  Pauper 08:25 03 Dec 2007


  ambra4 10:02 03 Dec 2007

tick the box and click solved

  Pauper 10:27 03 Dec 2007

oops - I was hitting 'post reply' instead - does it show that I haven't been here for a while ??

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