Laptop download time

  Ops 22:27 28 Nov 2005

Just bought a new HP Centrino laptop, when connected to a wireless network it only downloads @ 45Mbps, why is this when my desktop downloads at 100Mbps.

Can anybody help please

  ade.h 22:30 28 Nov 2005

Is your desktop right next to the router?

Or even wired to it via an ethernet cable?

  Ops 22:32 28 Nov 2005

yes my desktop is wired and about 2 ft away from router

  powerless 22:45 28 Nov 2005

Well your 100mbps is because it is wired. You'll only reach that speed when you are transferring large files over your network.

The 45mbps is under the 54mbps maximum speed of 'g' spec wireless speeds. In other words that's the fastest it's going to go.

If you want 100mbps on your laptop shove a cable in the back of it.

  ade.h 22:48 28 Nov 2005

That's probably it then. As I've been told in the Network section, wifi signals are at risk of degrading over distance and through/around solid objects such as walls. That makes the speed drop off and if it's a poor signal, it can be unreliable. If it's a consistent signal, you can be reasonably happy with that. Or get one of the new Belkin Pre-N kits, which I'm thinking of using when I get a wireless setup.

  ade.h 22:49 28 Nov 2005

Powerless beat me to it, but his explanation is better anyway!

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