Laptop doesnt register on home network

  moiseul 14:47 18 Jul 2004

I have two desktop pcs networked together both working fine. One is running windows98 the other Windows ME. I have tried to add my laptop to the network and set it up manually as i had the other two pcs but it doesnt show up on the network on the 2 desktops. It only shows when i call up the network neighbourhood on the laptop itself.

I then tried using a network setup disk that i created with Windows ME but that gave the same result. Whilst i am using zonealarm on the two desktops i am not using it on the laptop but i have given it an ip which is within the range that i have set up on zonealarm so i dont think that is the problem.

So currently the laptop shows up on its own network neighbourhood but it doesnt show up on the other two desktop and it doesnt show the other two either.

Has any one any idea what the problem could be?

  TomJerry 15:31 18 Jul 2004

My experience

(1) Quit Zonealarm on all PCs before everything set up. Once set up is done, you can start zonealarm.

(2) All machine should belong to the same workgroup, i.e. the same workgoup name. The one name which does not cause any trouble is "WORKGROUP", strange but true.

(3) I assume that you are using a router for your network. It is necessary for a network with more than two PCs to use a router.

(4) Enable DHCP in your router setup and set all PC's network TCP/IP properties to get IP address automatically, i.e. dynamic IP address.

  moiseul 19:48 26 Jul 2004

Thanks for the response but not sure what a router is. Is this a piece of hardware or software

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