Laptop display Gone need to access HDD

  andywolve 09:41 29 Sep 2007


My laptop display decided to die, without me getting a back up of everything on the drive. I can connect it to my computer desktop screen, I see it loading up with the bios, then as soon as it loads up with Windows XP the screen goes blank. I have tried to access it through Remote desktop but dont know the username or password. I'm stuck and would like any help how if possible i can hack into it using remote desktop so i can see the files and programs i need, or how I can connect the hard disk to my other computer?????

Please help


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:44 29 Sep 2007

If you HD is kaput then you will most likely be unable to access files on it. Turn on the lappy and keep tapping the f8 key to see if you get to boot options screen. From their choose 'last known good configuration'. If you cannot get to the boot screen post back.


  andywolve 09:48 29 Sep 2007

The Hard Drive is fine, it loads up great everything as far as im aware works apart from the screen, I cant see anything - it lights up and thats just about it - sound comes from it and it connects to the wireless network..

  andywolve 11:56 29 Sep 2007

Just wondering but if my computer is able to connect to my network either with LAN or Wifi could I hack into it so then I can grab the files that I need to get from the hard drive

Or how do computer technicians able to connect a laptop 2.5" hard drive to a normal desktop computer and able to view it?

Any cables and software that i need to get for it?



  PP321 12:20 29 Sep 2007

most laptops have a VGA (monitor) output...can you not use that to remove your files to recovery media? , if so look for a special key , usually on one of the "F" keys , and another key sometimes marked "FN" , the key your looking for will have something that looks like two monitors side by side.

  Eric10 12:30 29 Sep 2007

Connect your desktop monitor to your laptop as you did before then press F8 as it boots up and choose Safe Mode from the startup menu. It may just be incorrect display settings that are causing the screen to go black. If so then you can just work in Safe Mode to recover your files or you could change the display settings to something less taxing for the monitor then reboot.

If that fails then click here for an adapter to connect a 2.5" laptop drive to a desktop computer.

  andywolve 21:38 29 Sep 2007

Thanks I have tried what you said but the desktop screen goes blank when it loads up to Windows XP i gave it a few minutes and then press the button for the two screens, nothing happened.

I have now ordered that part that you have mentioned

Thank you for your time

  T0SH 21:55 29 Sep 2007

Goto the safe mode menu by tapping about once a second on the F8 key from the menu choose "Force VGA mode"?, or words to this effect

It may get your internal/external display working again at worst it will do no further harm

Cheers HC

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