Laptop dilemma: Acer Aspire 5750 Vs Asus K53SC

  The Boy David 14:38 15 Mar 2012

After spending several weeks trying to choose a new laptop I'm considering one of the following two which seem very competitively priced:

Both the Asus and the Acer have identical Intel i5-2430M processors and 500Gb HDD. But while the Acer has 8Gb RAM, which is twice that of the Asus, the Asus has dedicated GT 250M graphics, the Acer having integrated graphics.

I'd appreciate opinion with regard to both spec and manufacturer preference. If gaming isn't a major requirement, is there much to choose between the 8Gb RAM/integrated graphics spec of the Acer and the 4Gb RAM/dedicated graphics of the Asus? Which would be faster for general use? And would the speed difference be that great?

Are Asus and Acer pretty much on a par as far as build quality and reliability are concerned or are we at the stage where there's not a great deal to choose between laptops of a given spec are pretty much the same, making it a matter of cosmetics and personal taste?

All opinions and/or experiences of these two models, or even alternative preferences, appreciated.



  frybluff 19:19 15 Mar 2012

They are both, basically, good choices. The graphics on the ASUS is GT520MX, so is only "entry" level, which will not give a huge boost, over the dedicated graphics on the i5-2430M. Having said that, it will give some additional capability for things like photo/video editing, and will play some games, if you are interested.

There is a greater arguement in favour of 8GB RAM. You can almost never have too much. Having said that, 8GB RAM in the ASUS is only £20 more.

Both will "claim" good reliability, but, statistically, there's not a lot of difference. It's a bit "luck of the draw" with any make.

I'm not suggesting that you should buy from them, but if you have a local Computer World, or Comet, go and try them out. You could find one "feels" better than the other.

One thing which is not detailed on the SOL site is webcam resolution. You could check on the manufacturers' website that one is not better than the other.

  The Boy David 22:00 15 Mar 2012

Thanks for the excellent response, frybluff. I narrowed my choice down to these two after I'd done exactly as you suggested and gave them a brief try out in a local branch of Comet and liked them both. The Asus I tried was actually the X53 model which I understand is physically identical to the K53.

In trying to get some background opinion as to which one to choose I came across these two reviews in which they both come out pretty good:

I know reviews come in for some flak from some quarters because their criteria can be dubious and biased for all manner of reasons including personal taste - but at least they give someone's view based on hands on comparitive experience.

I did wonder about the webcam resolution but didn't check it out until you came up with that same point. And it seems the Acer comes out on top, boasting a 1.3 Megapixel HD camera, whilst the Asus limps in with a pretty paltry sounding 0.3 Megapixel unit. I know that even 1.3 is no great shakes compared to your average digital camera these days, but in the laptop world I'd say it's pretty good.

It was also interesting to hear you confirm what I'd read about the GT520MX not being much quicker than the Intel HD Graphics 3000 in the i5 processors:

And together with the RAM increase being easily fixed for a modest fee leaves me still unsure which way to go since the graphics unit in the Asus doesn't appear to make that much difference. Maybe the camera resolution of the Acer might end up being the deal clincher, I don't know.

At least I think I've narrowed it down to a choice between these two laptops which is good progress from the total bewilderment I was feeling a few days ago.

Thanks again for your post, frybluff - I really appreciate your input.

Kind regards


  frybluff 07:59 16 Mar 2012

I had 0.3 MP webcam, on my old laptop, which was pathetic. I've got 2.0 on my new laptop, which is very good. I would have thought 1.3 was plenty good enough for Skype etc., although perhaps not for producing videos. The camera on a decent phone would be better for that. Bear in mind, you can always buy a decent, separate webcam for £20 or £30.

I would come back to, if you're not interested in games, go with whichever "feels" better.

  john bunyan 08:39 16 Mar 2012

My local repair man prefers Asus with regard to ease of spares and build quality, if that is a consideration.

  Woolwell 09:34 16 Mar 2012

I've had an Acer laptop for some years. It hasn't missed a beat. However I have noticed that the new models seem to have warmer trackpads than other brands.

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