Laptop died in use!

  Tycho 21:56 09 Sep 2007

My daughter has travelled all the way from Aberdeen to Leicestershire with her laptop. It is very flattering that she thinks that I can do something with it but I am at a loss.

She was installing her MP3 software and the laptop simply went dead. No lights nothing. Where do I start to look?


  woodchip 22:02 09 Sep 2007

Try tapping F5 as the computer is starting, to see if it will go into Safe Mode. If it does try doing a System Restore. If it's XP

  skidzy 22:03 09 Sep 2007

Will the lappy boot into safemode,tapping F8 on startup and if it boots...try system restore or last known good configuration.

Have you tried removing the battery and fire up from mains only ?

Has the lappy been dropped ?

Problem with laptops,it can be very hard to access certain parts.

Has she had any noises from the harddrive ? this may have failed but really this looks like a power supply problem and will need an expert to look at this unless you are confident of dis-assembling the lappy.

  Tycho 22:08 09 Sep 2007

Absolutely nothing when I press the on button. No lights, no whirring sounds. It seems dodo type dead.

Tried the f8 tactic as advised but no response of any sort.


  woodchip 22:10 09 Sep 2007

Have you tried it just on mains? no battery in the comp

  skidzy 22:13 09 Sep 2007

Just to eliminate a couple of things:

When your daughter was installing the software,did she have the lappy connected to the mains ?

If so,did she have any power surge or power cut at all ?

If so,the power supply could be dead or even the motherboard has gone kaput.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,but i think your going to need a shop technician to look at the lappy,they will have the tools to test the power supply and motherboard.

  Tycho 22:18 09 Sep 2007

"Have you tried it just on mains? no battery in the comp"

Just tried. No change.


  skidzy 22:21 09 Sep 2007

Then im afraid as my last post.

You could try yourself,but the cost could be huge with trial and error testing.

Woodchip may have other ideas,but i really think its a failed power supply or dead motherboard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:22 09 Sep 2007

1. are you getting an output from the power adaptor?

2. check if the DC jack socket on the laptop is loose or middle pin loose.

  Tycho 22:25 09 Sep 2007

Unfortunately I have left the voltmeter on the boat so I will have to wait to test the PSU. I am going to bed now but thanks for the help so far.


  woodchip 22:29 09 Sep 2007

That could also be the problem the adapter may be dead and by running on battery, it may have just died. but my laptop flashes a red led and it goes hibernate auto if you do not turn it off.

But as above it's looking more like the computer as packed up

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