Laptop Died Suddenly

  chrisbenwalker 20:47 17 Aug 2009

Ok, so this is what has happened.....

Was using my laptop, an Advent 7102 which had for about 4 years. It was running on battery and all of a sudden the screen went blank, and after just assuming the battery had died, plugged in to mains, but still nothing.

All I am getting is the power light comes on, but nothing on the screen, no HD light flashes, neither do any of the other lights come on after pressing capslock etc etc....

There is also no normal windows start up sound, which leads me to believe its more than just the screen that's gone.

I have tried running the laptop off a seperate monitor, but does not work.

I have checked the HD connections and ram connections, and all fine.

Cant boot up in to BIOS or anything else as simply have zero screen, and pretty much zero everytrhing else.

The only life the lappy has, is a green power light, and a running fan every now and then.

Anyone got any ideas?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:54 17 Aug 2009

Remove battery and try on mains only.

  chrisbenwalker 20:58 17 Aug 2009

Still nothing....

exactly the same syptoms as with battery connected.

Power light on, slight fan noise, but literally nothing else.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:04 17 Aug 2009

1. Turn off the computer,
2. Take the battery out
3. Take out the power supply
4. Push the power button down for 30 seconds.
5. Reconnect power supply
6. Then the battery.

Retry to boot

  chrisbenwalker 22:15 17 Aug 2009

No, still nothing.

Sounding like a hardware failure then...?


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