laptop died

  wendy1 22:12 17 Apr 2010

can any help i have a fujitu siemens laptop about three years old. The orginal charger blew and i got a new one.I was using it for a few days when one day it made one beep sound then just died can anyone help its not the battery i have tried another one.just no lights or anything.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:43 17 Apr 2010

One beep is warning its going into stand by when battery flat.

Wonder if your new charger is working?

remove battery, remove mains plug, hold power switch for 30 secs, refit mains plug and retry to boot (leave battery out). any signs of life?

  wendy1 22:49 17 Apr 2010

no luck nothing maybe something blown.

  northumbria61 23:06 17 Apr 2010

If there is no green power light on your charger then I am sorry to say it is dead !

  Jameslayer 23:32 17 Apr 2010

If possible use another charger to test the laptop. This will show if the fault lies with the laptop or a duff charger.

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