laptop died

  martan 21:38 27 Sep 2007

hi all
my wifes laptop screen has crashed all there is a a flickering screen the setup is there but nothing is displayed properly can anybody help with whatmight be wrong
thanks martan

  mammak 21:43 27 Sep 2007

A bit more info might be needed here your OS for starters any errors before this happened could your power supply be faulty?

Is your Anti Virus up to date?

  martan 22:38 27 Sep 2007

hi mammak
running windows xp no errors before anti virus updated
have tried again and it will load but cannot get any display only a white screen

  Belatucadrus 22:44 27 Sep 2007

Have you tried adjusting the brightness and contrast, my old laptop occasionally lost the settings if it crashed.

  davidh50 22:46 27 Sep 2007

Have you tried connecting it to a PC Monitor or LCD TV.

  martan 22:50 27 Sep 2007

hi all
have not tried anything yet but will try the two suggestions and will come back to you many thanks

  Taff™ 06:12 28 Sep 2007

If you connect it to an external monitor and that works it is either the screen or the inverter that has failed. Either is quite expensive to replace so get a quote first. From experience you`re looking at about £120 & the majority will be labour because the laptop will almost certainly need to be stripped down to remove the screen.

  martan 18:18 28 Sep 2007

hi all
many thanks for the help my wife tried it today and it loaded perfectly and it was as if nothing was wrong so cant understand what happened can anybody throw any light on what may have happened many thanks martan

  woodchip 18:44 28 Sep 2007

"Computers"!!!!!!!! they all do it at some time

  Belatucadrus 19:19 28 Sep 2007

Clearly an infestation of gremlins, this can be cured by submerging the laptop in boiling oil for two days. At which point, all the gremlins will be dead, as unfortunately will the laptop.

Intermittent faults are the bane of any afflicted device and the people trying to diagnose them, just cross your fingers and hope it doesn't recur.

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