Laptop detects BT Homehub - but won't connect

  SusanWalesNZ 16:49 21 Jan 2012

I have an HP Compaq running Windows XP Professional - it detects our BT Homehub, but when I try to connect to the internet I get the blank page telling me that it can't connect. I have no idea what to do - advise please.

  Ian in Northampton 17:02 21 Jan 2012

Have you entered the WAP/WEP/security code?

  SusanWalesNZ 10:22 22 Jan 2012

Hi Ian..yes I have entered the security code

  Jollyjohn 10:31 22 Jan 2012

Good Morning.

If you connect an ethernet cable do you get a connection to the internet?

When you get the blank page saying you can't connect is there a box that says Diagnose connection problems? If so what happens if you allow Windows to diagnose problems?

  onthelimit1 10:32 22 Jan 2012

Make absolutely sure that you have the code correct - easy to miss an upper case letter, for example.

  Forum Editor 10:37 22 Jan 2012

Just to be clear - your laptop connects to the hub, but there's no Internet access. Is that the situation, or is the laptop not even connecting to the hub?

  bremner 11:28 22 Jan 2012

In addition to the previous questions - are you sure the wireless card in your Laptop support WPA2?

Please give the model number of the laptop.

  Forum Editor 12:53 22 Jan 2012

I've just realised that your machine must be connecting to the hub, or you wouldn't have entered the security key. Ignore my question.

  lotvic 12:59 22 Jan 2012

Please answer: As per Jollyjohn asked "If you connect an ethernet cable do you get a connection to the internet?"

  SparkyJack 13:31 22 Jan 2012

BT home hub- until I went over to Infinity - I did not think too deeply about the nature of a 'Home HUb- except possibley it was a type of router.

But since going over to Infinity and the Open Reach man installed the kit I found out that a Home hub is not a router but simply a connection box for ether net and wireless the router is another sort of animal altogether

Indeed BT sent a man in to change mine recently and it turns out to be another box screwed to the wall - to which the Home Hub connects.

So is what I have described simply an 'Infinity' thing or is there a Router Missing?

  SusanWalesNZ 15:04 22 Jan 2012

Unfortunately I don't have an ethernet cable - having gone wireless we have got rid of all the old cables. I have tried logging on again and run the "Diagnose Connection Problems" - the diagnostic log has the following - WinSock Diagnostic - Error attempting to validate the Winsock base providers:2 Not all base service provider entries could be found in the winsock catalog. A reset is needed. Redirecting user to support call. OK - what should I do now please.

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