laptop dead

  dalimena 22:13 28 Mar 2006

My laptop has died and i have things on hard drive i need, can i just plug the lead (sorry dont know what its correct name is)from a desk top hard drive into it and will it access the information off it? If not how can i get it off?

  Longhouse 22:21 28 Mar 2006

Laptop HDD usualy have a 44 pin (power & data)connect unlike desktop IDE systems which have 40 pin with separate power connect.

It's possible to buy a converter to use laptop HDD in desktop PC (try e-bay - normally a few pounds; ebuyer; scan; etc)or alternatively, use an external USB enclosure for the laptop HDD. The latter will have the benefit of giving you a portable data store. JUst make sure if you go for the latter that the drive will fit (usually enclosures are sized for 9.5mm drives)


  dalimena 22:29 28 Mar 2006

Thanks longhoue, could you tell me what the cable would be called?

  Longhouse 22:30 28 Mar 2006

Try looking for something like this as a an adaptor

click here

or this, as a HHD external USB enclosure

click here=


  Jaro 22:34 28 Mar 2006

try this click here

  Jaro 22:36 28 Mar 2006
  dalimena 22:43 28 Mar 2006

Thanks guys ill look at Maplins or PC World for one at weekend. A really helpful forum thanks again.

  dalimena 22:53 28 Mar 2006

Just one last question, its only a small hard drive in the laptop so i will throw it away but can i erase things on it using this cable?

  Longhouse 22:59 28 Mar 2006

If you connect it using either of the methods, you will be able to access it as a normal HDD or external drive with the ability to copy, paste, write, erase, format, etc, etc,

If Maplins is convenient then this is what you require

click here

I don't think that PC World will stock the IDE convertor but may carry an external USB enclosure


  dalimena 23:03 28 Mar 2006

Thanks longhouse you have been a great help.

  Longhouse 23:12 28 Mar 2006

You're welcome. Nice to be able to help.

Just a thought though... a USB enclosure will be around the same cost (probably a few ponds more) as the convertor from Maplins. Even if the drive is only a few Gb, then it might be worth considering this option as it's probably easier to carry out (doesn't need you to go inside the desktop PC and reconfigure the BIOS) and it could give you a "free" (albeit, large) pendrive?


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