laptop crisis

  User-191E1920-20CB-4300-860DCABFC467F8DC 16:21 18 Apr 2005

hi, i brought a new laptop last week and today my cat knocked a cup of coffee over the laptop, it starts up ok but the keyboard keeps typing on its own is there any chance of me fixing this and how or do i have to go to a professional?

can anyone help!

  Stowit 16:30 18 Apr 2005

On my lap top the keyboard easily spings out, & keys can be removed. (little clips down the side of the keys, then cautious priseing) Carefull dimantling/cleaning may help - perhaps cotten buds & some alcohol.

  Yoda Knight 16:32 18 Apr 2005

sounds like your keys are sticking - your only hope is to clean them properly. Unclip the keyboard and try using an old toothbrush.

  DieSse 16:35 18 Apr 2005

IF you can take out the keyboard (which may not be easy) - you can wash it in clean water - it won't hurt it to be immersed. Then it must be dried completely, in a warm dry place (an airing cupboard would be ideal). It must be THOROUGHLY dried.

If that doesn't work, then you will need a new keyboard.

Also you should contact your household insurers - it may be covered - in which case you should get it professionally repaired. There may have been more damage than you think, which will come out later on, as the stuff in the coffee rots the internals away.

we have a packard bell easy note E6100 keyboard does not unclip and some of the key aren't working at all and some when you press them it comes up with different characters.

  DieSse 17:13 18 Apr 2005

There's no other way to clean it, if you can't take it out. I think you may need to take it back to the supplier - but do try the insurance route - you may be covered.

  DieSse 17:15 18 Apr 2005

Try putting it into an airing cupboard, open, and upside down, for about 48hours.

Hey guys thanks for your help the laptop is now working after it has dried out did call the insurence earlier and it would have been covered

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