Laptop crawling!

  hawthorn59 02:13 20 Jul 2011


A friend has asked me (!) to help with her laptop! Its pretty new-ish, HP, Windows 7, 3 gig ram.

She cant connect to the internet, but when I tried it in fact it hardly would even boot up. It did eventually but everything is soooo slow. When I clicked on the start button some of the programmes even seemed grayed out. I wonder are there some files missing?

I brought it home and managed to get it to connect to the net with Firefox (She was using IE) but its still so slow. I wonder does it need a re-install?

Is there anywhere youd recommend online, or any program I could download (free!) that might diagnose what may be wrong? Better still if it could fix it.

I did run a scan with PC Pitstop and it gave about 75 registry errors among many others. Dont know if this is reliable.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.


  Les28 07:02 20 Jul 2011

A few ideas, scans with registry cleaners will always find "errors", so by itself that doesn't mean anything.

You don't mention the model of the laptop, don't HP have a built in recovery partition usually accessed by pressing F11 before windows loads and usually the extra option for the user to make recovery disks in the event of problems with the built in partition. Using the F11 would be a destructive installation, all owners data, music , pictures etc, would be lost and the machine would be as when it left the factory.

Did this problem suddenly happen? Makes it sound possibly malware. There is only one anti-virus program on the laptop? What program is it?

Have you tried a System Restore? Some infections will carry through system restore, however have you tried a restore?

Have you booted into Safe Mode to see how it performs, usually keep pressing F8 key up and down rapidly after first switching laptop on and before windows loads.

You could try setting the bios to boot from CD first and running a boot cd anti-virus before windows loads something like

link text

link text

or maybe boot into safe mode with networking and download the free MBAM, update and run it.

link text

Any frequent errors showing in Windows Event Viewer

link text

You don't mention when the laptop started going wrong and exactly how old it is but if it's a software problem including malware the repair or replacement warranty probably wont apply.

  Les28 08:09 20 Jul 2011

Meant to add, in Windows Task Manager, what is CPU Usage % and number of Processes shown at bottom of page in Task Manager

link text

  Les28 09:07 20 Jul 2011

How many ticked items in the Startup Tab in msconfig? Look at the windows 7 version here

link text

  woodchip 11:56 20 Jul 2011

As Les28.

check MSCONFIG that its not starting all the bull that HP put on it. I am running a HP 510 Laptop XP Home a Centrino CPU 2.13 Ghz cpu only 1 Gig Ram and have no problems also use free Avast that slows boot only a little

Also using Dragon Naturally Speaking and this works fast, Speech to text software, no problems. check its not got more than one Anti-Virus running

  hawthorn59 15:01 20 Jul 2011

Thanks guys will do, havent ha a chance yet! Will report back.


  hawthorn59 03:32 21 Jul 2011

Ok guys I tried a few things but dont think I have much to report....

First of all, I turned on the laptop, and after a while I got this:

X This application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000006)
Click OK to close

So I did, and continued, then I got this

Windows has en countered a critical problem and will restart in 1 minute.

After about 2 minutes it started. Eventually opened again (Slowly!)

I typed "event" in the bottom left, it took about 15 seconds to even type it and appear on screen. Went in to event viewer but really it was beyond me, loads of errors and warnings.

OK next I went to task manager and got:

CPU Usage 0-3% Processes 33 (seems very little?) Applications -- 0!! Nothing running under applications.

Finally into msconfig; only 2 items in startup

Microsoft Security Client Google Toolbar Notifier

Does any of this tell you anything???!!


  Les28 11:24 21 Jul 2011

Nextt time you boot up, check whether Aero themes are selected and maybe set them to basic Windows Classic, Number 4 here

link text

or here

link text

and see how it boots up then

Or you could perhaps check the status of dwm.exe service

link text

  Les28 11:28 21 Jul 2011

Lots online about dwm.exe error and lots of different ideas on fixing it, from checking for an update for graphics card driver, or creating a new user account with full administrative rights, rebooting and logging into that account to see if it performs OK, or running Windows Disk Error checker at boot time, scanning for malware, to even reinstalling windows.

I'll post a few links to some sites that mention similar problems, not really a great help though, as I'm sure you could find these sites yourself.

link text

link text

link text

  Les28 11:35 21 Jul 2011

Certainly not too many Processes in Task Manager and Startup items in msconfig, as you say.

Have you had any luck with virus hunting? How about performance in safe mode? Have you tried system restore?

If the "crawling" problem starts after you are in Windows, may be an idea to create another user account and see if that performs any better, if it doesn't can always delete it. New user profile, select with administrative rights

link text

Windows Disk Error Checker

link text

Check for an update for graphics card drivers

I don't think you can do an sfc /scannow to repair system files with the built in recovery partition you probably have, so have you thought of restoring to factory using F11 as a last resort? You didn't mention what HP model it was.

  Les28 11:49 21 Jul 2011

And of course there's always HP technical support online

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