Laptop crash

  ellenripley 10:32 28 Sep 2010

Hi My Insipron laptop has crashed and I've had to reload the operating system from a disk. I've managed to download all the drivers etc from Dell but I still can't get on to the internet. I can access other peoples internet connection when visiting them but cannot access my own. Is there anything else that I have to check - not very computer friendly I'm afraid. I've tried rebooting my TALKTALK installation cd but it says it cannot find modem. Any advice appreciated.

  gengiscant 13:01 28 Sep 2010

What do you use to access the internet in your house that is different from your friends?
If Talk Talk cannot find modem perhaps you have'nt installed the driver.

  ellenripley 13:36 28 Sep 2010

Hi I've put the passwords in from the router but still nothing. I want to check if I've got the right driver but not sure - how do I check? It is a Inspiron 3501.

  onthelimit 13:43 28 Sep 2010

The drivers must be OK as you can connect to other routers wirelessly. Have you tried with a cable yet?

  ellenripley 13:44 28 Sep 2010

Yes I've tried with a cable but nothing.

  woodchip 14:23 28 Sep 2010

You do not need drivers for a Router, only Wireless Adapter needs Drivers. try going to Device Manager, you should see a yellow icon on Wireless network Right Click this Properties then Update Driver

  onthelimit 14:54 28 Sep 2010

But it won't connect with a cable either, and the wireless adaptor driver must be OK as it connects to other routers.

  ellenripley 14:55 28 Sep 2010

I've tried the Device Manager and there are yellow question marks next to Network controller, SMbus controller and video controller. I've tried to update driver but it just says cannot find one or I don't need one.

  gengiscant 15:10 28 Sep 2010

What model is your laptop?

  onthelimit 15:18 28 Sep 2010

Network controller is the one for the ethernet cable connection, so that would explain why the connection doesn't work through the cable. Should be able to get one from the Dell site. Still not sure why the wireless isn't connecting - must be something in the router set up

  onthelimit 15:21 28 Sep 2010

p.s. You say you downloaded all the drivers from the Dell site, but seems the network controller one is missing. Go to this site click here and input your service tag from the underside of laptop.

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