laptop cpu upgrade advice

  robbo1987 21:45 02 Jul 2012

Hi, I've been given a laptop which is a few years old, and was really slow. I've since added more ram and installed Windows 7 and it's performance has improved quite a bit but I'm also considering upgrading the CPU. The laptop is an E-system Ei 3103 from emachines. and the cpu is an intel celeron m440 1.86 ghz with I think its a 533mhz bus speed. I've seen a cpu on ebay which is only £6 used, which is a pentium t2080 dual core cpu, but the clock speed is 1.73ghz, which is slightly less but it is dual core. its 533mhz and also socket M. so I think it should fit my laptop but just wanted to check, and would the extra core make enough of a difference to bother taking my laptop apart to fit it? alternatively can anyone tell me any other cpus that may be faster than this one that would also be compatible? I'm looking at the following link and can see there are a few intel core duos that have a faster clock speed but I'm unsure if they would be compatible or not and want to get a cpu as fast as i possibly can without needing to overclock etc.

Also, would I need to update the Bios? My concern is that the emachines website has no support/downloads for this model at all so If i need to update anything I don't know where to go. I've emailed them but with no reply. would I need to adjust any settings in the bios or is this done automatically?

Thanks for reading and sorry If I've babbled a bit!

  robin_x 22:06 02 Jul 2012

Dunno if this helps. read till last post)

Not my field of expertise. Just checking if it could be done. It's not usual on laptops. Good luck.


  robbo1987 22:25 02 Jul 2012

Thanks for the reply. I've already read the information on that link, It seems to be the only bit of info I can find regarding this laptop and potential cpu's. it seems the 2080 will definitely work however for the same price I could get the 2130 and have a slightly more powerful cpu. I guess i'll just have to order one and see what happens. In theory it seems like the 2130 should be compatible?

  Belatucadrus 00:41 03 Jul 2012

First thing to check is that you can actually access the CPU, some laptop cases are an absolute swine to open.

  woodchip 11:40 03 Jul 2012

I think you are wasting your time and money. and if you have not been inside a laptop before, you may find it may not work after you have

  robbo1987 12:01 03 Jul 2012

I can get to the CPU quite easily. Just a panel underneath the laptop with a few screws gives access to the cpu and the heatsink and fan etc. I've already upgraded the ram which was a bit more akward as I had to go under the keyboard. The cpu only costs about £6 used, would there not be any increase in performance to warrant that?

  robbo1987 15:57 05 Jul 2012

Just though't I'd post an update just incase although unlikely anyone else find's themselves in the same situation. T2080 cpu came this morning, installed it and it is running with no problems so far. Installation was very simple. a few screws underneath the laptop opens up the motherboard, just a few more screws to loosen the heatsink, turn one screw to loosen the CPU socket and then reverse the process. so far so good.

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