Laptop Coruption

  Slamdunka 16:16 22 Nov 2007

On my laptop Acer Aspirw 5100 i turnedd it on and it said start windows in a certain mode i choose normal then it said report problem as like Load needed DLLs for kernel
so then i put in the restore disk and it got to 4 and corrupted can anyone help me i need this laptop tomorow... :[

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:49 22 Nov 2007

Start thr restore again

  Slamdunka 16:53 22 Nov 2007

mutiple times i have done it now it does not even start :[

  SANTOS7 16:59 22 Nov 2007

Error Message:
Load needed DLLs for Kernel
Important Windows XP program files are missing or damaged.
This error is confusing for several reasons. First, many users may not understand that the kernel is the main program file in WinXP, the heart of the operating system. Second, the term “load needed DLLs” is just ambiguous enough that you might not know how serious the error really is. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be corrected by just rebuilding the system Registry or restoring files from the WinXP installation CD. You’ll need to perform an “in-place install” of the operating system

  Slamdunka 17:04 22 Nov 2007

what is a inplace install?

  Slamdunka 17:06 22 Nov 2007

my machine just randomly shutsdown during these things i am under warrenty shoudl i just get a new one?

  SANTOS7 17:10 22 Nov 2007

click here

inplace install..

As for warranty it will not cover this as it is a softweare issue and not hardware....

  Slamdunka 17:20 22 Nov 2007

my machine anomasly will shut off isnt that a hardware/factory problem?

  SANTOS7 17:37 22 Nov 2007

NO the error messages you are getting are software problems related to what starts up your PC if they are corrupt it aint gonna happen.
The arguement would be that it is something you have put on your PC that has created this problem which is not covered by ANY warranty agreement...

  Slamdunka 17:57 22 Nov 2007

see my machine does that AND randomly shuts off so no matter what software tries to reinstall my machine will just turn OFF

  Slamdunka 20:29 22 Nov 2007

So i had a friend install xp on my laptop it worked well all the drivers on it and then it started randomly shutting off when i would play games or use the internet so then i said fine so i good fed up with the restarts and then i went ahead and put in the restore to go to vista and at about 4% boom my machine shuts off i try this over and over again then i went to go straight on the boot to xp to see if there is a driver problem... On my restart it said Load needed DLLs for kernel contact maker. And that is where i am now any ideas i wanted to use the pc tomorow... :[

I do not have the disk my friend does...

It is xp pro

It is an acer aspire 5100

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