laptop coolers advice, laptop overheating!

  AL47 00:27 06 Jun 2009

i have a new game for my laptop, and it overheats it to the point it turn off to prevent death!

i need a solution

the game isnt slow, the hardwares capable but isnt capable of cooling the laptop!!

i was wondering if laptop coolers are any good

the ram seems to be the culprit followed by the cpu, the graphics card is ok, [has 2 heatsinks coming off it

i have a dell, which sucks air in through the bottom and out the sides/back/top

my laptop is
dell m1710

  preston 03:16 06 Jun 2009

I had the same problem. My solution was to get out the vacuum cleaner and use it to suck out all the dust that had built up inside. All that air also sucks in dust. Now i have a smooth running laptop.

  sarah74 12:41 06 Jun 2009

hiya , my laptop is over heating all the time latley ive just bought a laptop cooler , but now its shuting down wether i have a battery in it or not , dont know if i have a faulty cable or if there is something wrong i have an e-systems laptop anyone know why this is happening


  wee eddie 13:10 06 Jun 2009

A Hoover, a Hairdryer, or a Can of Compressed Air also you can use a 1" Paint Brush, to reduce clogging on the Fan Blades if you can easily get to them.

I know that this might sound obvious but:

Suck > Brush > Suck > Blow.

  AL47 14:29 06 Jun 2009

im going to try and get the dust out tonite, not sure if its the whole issue tho

  sarah74 14:39 06 Jun 2009

im gunna try it to

  AL47 19:30 06 Jun 2009

had a little look around laptop, couldnt see any obvious major dustage, and only gave it a vacuum due to no air atm, but i dunno if its the problem

i think a cooler may help cus the ram is righ in the middle under the base with vents in the cover, and its this that reaches 100C first, plus is there a way to put fans on max manually?

  karmgord 20:46 06 Jun 2009

AL assuming you are a male and not an Alison,don't place your "lap" top on your lap,firstly fluff from your clothes will be dragged in and clog the fan but secondly and far more important such temperatures that your lapbook reaches won't be doing your "marriage equipment" the world of good.
Seriously this is why manufactures call them NOTEBOOKS so as to avoid warranty claims for blocked fans.

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