laptop connects and desktop disconnects

  howard64 14:52 05 May 2008

my friend has a thomson speed touch modem router connected with AOL as the isp. The 2 desktop pcs are connected by ethernet cable. When the laptop [which runs xp home] which is connected by wireless logs on both desktop pcs are thrown offline. They run vista and you get the audio saying aol says bye bye or something similar. Is this just that the speed touch modem is very poor quality? is it that aol cannot feed more than just the one laptop when on wireless? or is there a setting somewhere that I need to adjust? All sugestions welcomed. Thanks in advance.

  brundle 14:56 05 May 2008

Create a new screen name specifically for the router, change the login information on the router itself, then log-in with your machine(s). You are effectively logging in with the same screen-name 4 times otherwise (assuming all machines use the one account). Maybe an AOL customer here has the solution for that...

  howard64 15:03 05 May 2008

thank you brundle but I am not too sure what you are suggesting. The router was setup by following the very good routine on the installation cd. Having been setup, once any pc switches on, it can use the internet by simply clicking on internet explorer. The problem appears to be when the laptop switches on using the wireless. It is as if the ethernet ports are switched off?

  brundle 15:19 05 May 2008

Oh I see, I was referring to the situation when every user logs in using the AOL browser...

Check DHCP is enabled on the laptop and the other machines, make sure your router is set to hand out more than 3 DHCP addresses. Although that would normally prevent the machine that's trying to get an IP address connecting in the first place, it's worth checking. Does it happen if you connect the laptop with a cable instead?

  howard64 17:13 05 May 2008

not tried that but will get them to try it.

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