laptop connectivity @ Someone elses house question

  KorgY 19:26 04 Dec 2007


I am going to my Brothers next week for 3 days while we have builders in. I was wondering if i could take my router, and Toshiba laptop (win XP) and just "plug it in" and connect, or maybe I need to change dial up settings?, not sure.

He has a PC (desktop) but no router or anything.


  Kemistri 00:09 05 Dec 2007

You would, at the least, have to configure a new WAN ISP connection containing your brother's ISP details. At worst, you might have to overwrite your own if it accepts only one in the interface. See your manual. Easy enough to do if you want to.

  mikesuther 11:10 05 Dec 2007

you say your brother has no router or modem. I would ask your brother if he uses the internet? If he does not then you have a major problem. even though you might bring your equipment unfortunatley it is dependant on his phone line, also if he has no broadband then you might want to consider using dial up and using the in built modem on your laptop some providers do a pay as you go option but you will need to hard wired so forget walking around the house.

  KorgY 13:22 05 Dec 2007

No Mik he has an internet connection (Broadband Tesco) and is using a speedtouch 330 modem I gave him.

Was told on "overclockers" forums that all i have to do is chasnge my password/user. Does this mean changing the password on my router?, and how would I log on to my router using my brothers user/pass? Since i can pick up on routers nearby on the street (and connect IF i wanted), wouldn't just "plugging" it in do the trick.



  Kemistri 16:42 05 Dec 2007

[a] Install the Speedtouch modem's driver on your laptop and use his ISP that way.
[b] Take your router (or any router, for that matter) and add his ISP's details. Obviously you need not change the standard settings (VCI/VPI values and the like) if you have to overwrite your own settings. But as I alluded to above, some routers can store more than one ISP connection simultaneously.

Unique settings are, at minimum, the user name and password. Some routers and some ISP services require more information than that, which can include the DNS address, IP address (only if fixed) and such like. Just note them all before you go there to avoid hassle.

Personally, I would probably opt to install your brother's modem on the laptop for simplicity; download a driver for it before you go or ask him to leave the CD handy. Less hardware for you to take with you that way.

  KorgY 18:51 05 Dec 2007

Thanks Kemistri,

That should help, and probalby do the trick.


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