laptop connectivity

  nissanalmera 16:06 03 Jun 2008

Sorry,I know this probably silly question but here goes,I am considering buying a laptop.I understand I need home network with my dell desktop with virgin cable 20mb.Will I receive same benefits as desktop re downloads etc? Also if I take laptop away from home do I still get these same benefits of cable 20 mb downloads etc.Thanks from newbie

  brundle 20:30 03 Jun 2008

These links might help;

click here

To share the connection you'll need a router (though you can set up Internet Connection Sharing from the desktop PC if you have two network cards).

If you take the laptop away from home the speed of your connection is down to the other network(s) you connect to, nothing to do with what you pay for at home.

  nissanalmera 20:42 03 Jun 2008

Thank you Brundle for your response.Did not like your reply to my second part,but thats not your fault! Many thanks again.

  brundle 21:13 03 Jun 2008

Perhaps Canon themselves will have an answer, can't find anything relating to it on the forum and their Vista drivers are circa 2006, so you probably have the latest. click here(59246),TemplateSet=Canon_SServe_Cust,Question=ref(SEK):::CSCBNSSBNJ,Question=ref(UT):::EU1,varset_lang=en,varset_country=UK,,VARSET_ExitWin=Exit&LANG=en

  brundle 21:19 03 Jun 2008

Oops, broke the page with that link...trying to find a different way to that page...

  brundle 21:24 03 Jun 2008

click here

Seems you need to register, or have done so before but I did manage to find a form you could use to ask for assistance (without logging in). Unfortunately TinyURL won't reduce https: links

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