laptop and cola

  Giant68 12:15 20 May 2007

A friend has given me a laptop that his children spilt cola on. As it didn't work properly after this he claimed on his insurance and was duly sent a new one. He gave it to me in case there were any components I could make use of. But...
Having plugged it in and booted it up, it works after a fashion although the dvd rom doesn't work and the keyboard is very sticky, with keys sticking down etc. I have downloaded the service manual, do you think it is worth the time and effort to strip out the keyboard and wash it i warm water to remove traces of cola, try and clean up any other traces of cola from the mobo etc, or should I just take out what I can use?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:27 20 May 2007

Probably repairable,
if it boots ok its not shorted the motherboard.

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  Diemmess 12:50 20 May 2007

It has to be worth a try.
Battery out

If the keys can be separated from their switching action then a good swish in clean lukewarm water.

Lots of clean damp cloths and patient wiping to clean any sticky (and electrolytic)residue from keyboard switch actions, and any soiled circuit board.

The key is patience, avoid soaking, wash the cloth frequently and make sure everything is bone dry before you connect the battery again.

You might be able to resurrect the DVD unit but don't hold your breath, and first have the rest working normally.

  Giant68 12:58 20 May 2007

Many thanks for the replies. As I have nothing to lose I will give it a go. I am not worried about the dvd rom drive, I think that is beyond repair, the BIOS allows for boot from USB, so I don't really need it for booting and I'll probably only use it for a web surfer anyway.



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