Laptop closing down after use - methods?

  compumac 16:45 13 Dec 2013

I have my own views that are possibly coloured by past experiences over many years/laptops and would ask for comments on:-

1)The wisdom of leaving a leaving a laptop permanently connected to a live mains socket?

2)Closing the lid to finish using the laptop being set on Sleep or Hibernation?

3)Always switching off mains supply after use?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:03 13 Dec 2013
  1. Ruins battery, if you leave on mains all the time remove the battery.

  2. No problem, although I prefer to have the machine shut down rather than sleep a I may not use it again for a week or so.

  3. As per 1

  compumac 18:15 13 Dec 2013

Fruit Bat/\0/.

Thanks for that. That is also my opinion as I expressed to the person who put it to me.

I remember visiting a company a long time ago that had a number of Toshiba Laptops and at the time I advised against the practice of leaving them permanently connected to the mains, but that advice was poo-hooed by the company. Subsequently EVERY laptop had battery problems. The manager was somewhat embarrassed when I was called in to have a look at other problems with their setup.

I just wondered as to whether that advice was still applicable in todays world.

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