laptop clips that clip screen down

  danielgent 02:12 08 Jul 2010

Hi there,

Wondering what the name is for the part on a laptop that, when the screen is hinged to be on top of the keyboard, it connects the screen bezel to the plastic below the keyboard. Slides along to lock and unlock it so the lid doesn't open.

my explanation is very bad, but if anyone knows the exact name for them. basically i'm looking at a laptop where they've managed to break both those clips (the bit thats hooked over has snapped). i know I can buy a new bezel but wondering if it would be possible to just get the clip bit. First I need to know the name!

Thanks for reading,
Dan Gent

  mooly 07:32 08 Jul 2010

"Catch" is the obvious word I guess... had a look through the service manual for mine and no mention of them seperately that I could see in any exploded views etc.

  jack 09:50 08 Jul 2010

Which I guess is possible - you may find yourself buying a whole assembly instead of the piece that is broken- for an exorbitant price

Think about an alternative-
How about selfadesive Velcro Pads - Then all that needs to be done is to---' Rip It Apart'

  danielgent 11:38 08 Jul 2010

jack you are a hero. didnt even think of anything like that. even the front screen bezels don't come with the clips. apparently as soon as one of the supplier gets them they get picked up straight away!

other names for them I found
"keyboard clips" - possibly they didn't understand what i was asking
"lid catch" - got a few hits from this. although just bezels saying "lid catch not included".

£8 i've found the front bezel with the lid catch for. is it worth just paying it? I suppose it is

  jack 11:53 08 Jul 2010

If you are confident/competent enough to do the work without breaking it some more? - always a risk

  Daiol 12:33 08 Jul 2010

what about some form of a wide elastic band,they do come in various sizes & colours today.Just a shot in the dark,Thought it might help you out?.
good luck anyway.

  danielgent 14:54 08 Jul 2010

jack - I didnt break this! I fix laptops for a living. Well, been doing it 2 years no, so still learning. A few times i've reassembled a screen and "finished" the laptop off only to realise i'd left the lid catch out. but thanks for the critiscim :^)

daiol - as its not my laptop, it might look a bit unproffesional. I thought the idea about the sticky pads was pretty good but I'd want to practise on my own laptop first!

  jack 17:30 08 Jul 2010

Not your lappie
Fixing it for some one
Then get the proper part - they pay!

Not a criticism by the way- not aware you have some experience
We do get a lot of folk who may not be folly aware of the complexities they may be letting themselves in for.

  danielgent 17:59 08 Jul 2010

didn't mean any harsh words there jack sorry. one of those things where txt doesn't convey humour. your chain of logic is impeccable though!

  BRYNIT 17:59 08 Jul 2010

This might help click here

  danielgent 18:35 08 Jul 2010

brynit - wow. they're not cheap are they. £16 just for the lid catch!
well i bought the front bezel AND lid catch for just £8. So not bad at all! :^)

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